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Quick Guide to Baby Goat Yoga

“Have you tried Baby Goat Yoga yet?” 

The question above might sound like something silly that your friend would come up with just to prank you and have a great time. But no, Baby Goat Yoga is actually a real thing, and it’s quite making the name for itself in the Yoga community. Let’s learn more about this trend, and how to get started with this unique experience.

What Really Is Baby Goat Yoga? 

Baby Goat Yoga is just like other yoga sessions: the yoga teacher will facilitate the class as normal. But instead of using standard classrooms, the class will happen in a barn full of young and energetic goats. With their playful nature, these cute young “kids” will challenge your concentration by climbing in your back, biting your hair, and all other distracting stuff.

Benefits of Baby Goat Yoga

You might be wondering whether taking a bunch of hyperactive tiny goats is a good idea during a yoga class. After all, it seems kind of counterintuitive to break your concentration while doing yoga poses. But that’s not the case at all, because participants love it!

According to some people who took Baby Goat Yoga, the activity is fun and quite fulfilling. It gets you in the mood to be laidback, relieves stress, and gets you tuned back to nature (all while exercising and keeping yourself active!) 

And not only that, yogis who tried this activity before state that the cuteness of their goat companion makes it easier to relax. It’s like interacting with your dog while you’re stretching at home for an exercise, but you won’t need to worry about breaking your back or getting distracted on playing instead. 

How To Get Started?

Interested now? To get started in Baby Goat Yoga classes, you need to find an establishment that offers these services near you. Most of the classes are offered by farms and yoga studios. You can check on the nearest farm around if they offer goat yoga classes. Or you can always try it if you have a farm at home, and you can meditate alone. 

Baby Goat Yoga Preparations

Since you’ll be sharing the space with goats, only use clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or stained. The baby goats will try to lick things when curious. In addition, dirty accidents can and do happen frequently (think about pee or droppings). But in most cases, facilities usually have staff to take care of these things. To cut the story short, you wouldn’t wanna dress to impress when you’re participating in a Baby Goat Yoga class.

Another important thing to consider is your hair length. Baby goats will try to chew on hair due to their innate instinct on feeding on hay. And yes, it is possible to get your hair tangled by a pair of baby goats getting curious with your crowning glory.  So get yourself nice hair scrunchies and tie your hair up while participating in a baby goat yoga class. 

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