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What Does the Green Finned Hippy Farm offer its customers?

Pasture Raised Pork Our Pasture Raised Pork is amazing! We raise our pigs outdoors on ample green pasture. Not only that, we are working on bringing back a critically endangered breed of pigs known as the American Mulefoot Hog! We are working on getting a breeding program started so we can bring this pork to your dinner table! Gourmet chefs across the world rave about the quality of this breed of hog. The pork is unlike anything you've ever had. Contact us for information on availability.

Milking Goats:

This milk is a life changer, simply put! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our Spring Milk Club Sign-up! Our herd of milking goats are a pleasure to milk and visit! Come visit them at our farm, and maybe take home a baby goat or two for your family! We have goat kids for sale every spring!

Pasture Raised Eggs:

All of our chickens are raised on pasture without ever being fed medicated feed. Our chickens are happy and healthy with plenty of room to graze on the pasture! Experience the rich flavor of pasture raised eggs, you will never go back! We guarantee!

Pasture Raised Poultry

Our Pasture Raised Poultry is truly a treat! Our Pasture Raised Chicken enjoy their days on our ample pasture and enjoy the sunshine, fresh bugs, and grass. Taste the difference that true freshness can make! Because we have obtained a Raiser's Exemption License from the Illinois Department of Agriculture, we are able to harvest the poultry on our farm, reducing the carbon footprint of our birds to almost nothing! This enables us to offer a truly fresh bird! We also deliver to the Alton, IL area once a week!

100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

Our happy cows are never fed grain and are hormone free. They are left to grow at their own pace while enjoying their days on the pastures of our 18 acre farm. Come meet our happy cows today!

Pesticide-Free and Aquaponic Grown Produce:

The growing season is upon us! Keep your eyes open for when produce becomes available! Most importantly you can ensure our produce is never grown using pesticides! The newest addition to our farm, the 90 foot high tunnel, enables us to grow hot house heirloom tomatoes and peppers early and late into the growing season. Come check it out!

Live Laying Hens:

As always we have live laying hens of all ages available for purchase! Start your own flock of Backyard chickens and have your own fresh eggs available daily in your backyard! Please note, our chickens are NEVER fed antibiotics and are raised on pasture for most of their lives!

Mobile Chicken Coops/Chicken Tractors:

Help Jumpstart your Backyard Chicken venture with a homemade chicken tractor from Green Finned Hippy Inc! These are custom made mobile chicken coops for your yard. Just specify how many chickens you want the coop to hold and we will do all the building for you!

Also Available:

Aquaculture Consultation

If you are planning to start your own aquaponics or tilapia facility we can provide the knowledge and help you need to get you on your way! Prices are offered at an hourly rate.

Please contact us for a quote for your Professional Aquaculture Consultation today!

Various seasonal quality grown produce is available. Please contact for available selections and prices.